Wednesday, December 28, 2011 ab concept

My roots in music started from birth as a native of Sarasota, Florida, with the influences of every style of music that filled the airwaves of my po folk, back roads, welfare, urban and dirty southern environment from Classic Rock, Reggae, Funk, old soul, jazz and blues, But what mostly caught my ear was the rise of hip hop in the late 70’s early 80’s. This was a movement that I am proud to have embedded in my DNA.

In the area I lived at that time, if you did not have rhyme, or verbal skills, you simply didn’t have anything. This would develop the essence of my nature and spirit that I carry to this very day as a creative artist, writer and lyricist.

I would eventually make my way to the Tampa Bay area to dedicate my life to a music carreer. I was fortunate enough to team up with likes of two great business men and mentors in the music currently, Mr. Nick Major and Mr. Bernard “7th Touch” Thomas, founders of the powerhouse company, Stealthmode Productions and Recordings. Together with Bernard Thomas we created the duo group known as Eternal Walkers, and then expanded that project with new members into the FLA. Power group known as Heatseekers. To date, I have currently expanded my artistic craft to include the world of television production to facilitate the promotion of any project I have my hands in. My life is a reflection of God’s blessings that came from influences of all races, old and young. For many years I have had dreams of seeing the successes that many only dream about and never achieve. I have been through a much trial and error, uphill battles, and obstacles. The key to success is how you digest those experiences, learn from them, keep your spirit strong and stay diligent with smart moves and cognizant of whom you make those moves with. In this new quest for more experiences and knowledge, I have adopted the slogan “Failure is not an option!” “One love, peace, guidance and respect”.

Phonics Rarechild.