Friday, September 7, 2012

Benny Trrouble otherwise known as Benny Goodman (featured artist)

Benny is a true renaissance man. While playing the front man in popular rock band, THE EVENING he records, composes, and writes lyrics with artists from different parts of the nation. The buzz on the web and in the real world about THE EVENING is quite staggering. "THE EVENING" is all about who you are when you come home from work" quips Benny as hes asked to describe the sound. Benny Goodman seems to be one of those "musicians for life" types as he has surrounded himself with different aspects of the business of sound. He is also well known in the beantown metro area for rocking the hell out of major events and upscale night clubs in his disc jockey persona, catch him currently on Mondays @ The Place nightclub in Fanuel hall.Benny is also the owner of a state of the art studio, and premium deejay service which boast top quality equipment and sound production.

the evening
The Evening

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