Friday, May 3, 2013

How to get exposure for your underground or indie music

Putting out a new album is not enough of a story to get press coverage, unless you already have a significant following within your genre or scene. And hypey adjectives like groundbreaking and best, and phrases like rising star and take by storm, are not enough either. Do you think commonly used phrases like sophomore album and sultry voice will do it? Nope! If you see a cliché, cull it ruthlessly. Having a good story that people enjoy telling will both capture the imagination of music journalists and ignite word of mouth about you. People repeat and remember what they connect with. Better yet, look for multiple story angles every time you release a new recording or video, or each time you go out on tour or perform in a specific city. Since most artists release an album every year or two, that’s a great time to scan your recent experiences, band folklore, repertoire, and fan interactions for possible story angles. First, brainstorm all the possibilities and only then, hone in on the few that stand out enough to be written up and told to the press. Not sure where to start? Put on these lenses to dive into your own story possibilities: You can start promoting your album even while you’re still making it. Fans today like to be let behind the scenes. They want to feel a part of the creative process. Using social media, you can let them in on your private artistic world. Share photos and videos Share details about the production process, your studio, a new instrument, etc. on Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, and YouTube. Showing behind-the-scenes details will get the fans you already have interested in your next album before it’s even recorded. Share demos and rough mixes To give your fans a greater sense of investment and involvement in the project, give your fans a voice to pick their favorites between alternate versions of a song. From "GUIDE FOR MAXIMUM EXPOSURE FOR YOUR MUSIC" stay tuned