The Warrior Tour

There are over 1 million empty un-occupied homes in the United States and over 600 thousand
 military veterans living on the streets or on the verge of homelessness.


The warrior tour 

Presented by, The United front company & the
Oryn Ghafur
The warrior tour is sponsored in part by Party with a local & artistjumpoff


The Warrior Tour is a nationwide fundraiser, created in the effort to raise money for homeless veterans and veterans in crisis. Each event will feature live music/art, food , and information stations where veterans and friends and famiilies of veterans can get information to improve the quality of post service life.


April 1st 2016 will be the first event held in Lakewood Co. at 2pm. Further dates to be announced, the warrior tour will end in September of 2016
 The warrior tour will also be holding events in Los angelos, San diego, Portland Og, Portland Me, New york, New Jersey, and Boston Ma


The above mentioned organizations will maintain the progress of these events with help from volunteers and various collective efforts


To reach The Warrior tour regaurding artist booking email 

To volunteer for the warrior tour email